New York Times reviews one of the best restaurants in Old Saybrook

New York Times reviews one of the best restaurants in Old Saybrook

As on of the newest and best restaurants in Old Saybrook, we’re delighted to have been reviewed by the New York Times. The reviewer had nice things to say about us and the new menu choices:

Ms. Deproto does nice things with other seafood as well. Her Rhode Island calamari was one of the best renditions of the shoreline favorite I’ve tasted. The squid was exquisitely tender, and served with a duet of chipotle and lemon aiolis. (Be sure to eat the breaded lemon slice.) All the elements of her Portuguese seafood stew — mussels, clams, cod and tiny shrimp — were fresh and tender, though the tomato base lacked seasoning. We also enjoyed her shrimp tostada. The shrimp, marinated in cumin, crushed red chilies, lime and a smidgen of honey, topped a crisp tostada loaded with ripe avocado chunks, chick peas, arugula, cherry tomatoes and red bell pepper strips, the whole thing drizzled with chipotle aioli.

Finally, there was this:

With enormous portions and modest prices, Red Hen’s unpretentious interpretation of American bistro cuisine is a welcome addition in Old Saybrook. As one of my guests put it: “It’s home cooking the way you wish your mother could cook.”

Read the entire New York Times review here.

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